Surgical cases can't get completed on their own.

BluByrd empowers Clinical Practices and Surgical Facilities to collaborate on surgical cases.
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A better way to schedule surgical cases.

The healthcare system is held together by a tangled web of disjointed data, band-aided by manual processes that fail to move surgeries and patients forward.
BluByrd streamlines workflows and data exchange between Clinical Practices and Surgical Facilities, helping get surgical cases across the finish line, in record time.
Build a secure, single source of truth.
Replace manual processes with smart workflows. BluByrd helps Clinics compile all data on a surgical case — from schedule, procedure codes, equipment, and more.
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Stop talking to fax machines, start talking to people.

When the time is right, Clinics can pull in collaborators to get surgical cases across the finish line.
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The right data in the right place, at the right time.

BluByrd keeps case data correct and complete, reducing the risk of errors downstream.
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For Clinical Practices

Help your schedulers feel superhuman

Stop letting your surgical schedule take a vacation when your scheduler does.

Increase your case volume

Improved efficiencies in your workflow help you take on more cases.

Reduce the risk of errors

Bring people to clean data  instead of sending it out to be copied and corrupted.

Why “BluByrd”?

A "Bluebird Day" is a skiing term, used to describe sunny, cloudless weather, typically after a night of snowfall.
For those coordinating critical patient surgeries, existing manual processes are tedious and frustrating. BluByrd offers an effortless alternative.
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Learn how BluByrd can work for your clinic.

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